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In Season 2016 you may tip on the Sportspick tier 1 competitions via this website for a maximum of 3 tipping rounds per competition if you have pre-registered and confirmed your website registration. 

You should register on this website well in advance of placing your tips to allow time for the email confirmation to arrive in your inbox and be confirmed before you can place tips.

There may be an occasion when you can't get to a SportsPick venue such as when you are out of the country on holiday or business. 

With that in mind, SportsPick has opened up Restricted Website Tipping under the following conditions:

  • You must already have registered and placed tips via the tipping terminal in a competition round first in your local venue before you can tip online. This is so that your entry into a competition can be be allocated to a venue scoreboard.  Therefore, you cannot Tip in ROUND 1 of ANY Competition online via this website.
  • Tippers may submit a maximum of 3 rounds of Online Tips via this website for any of the approved competitions per season. Each time you place your tips for a competition round via this website, the tips will be recorded and you will be informed via an onscreen prompt as to how many of your 3 online tip rounds are remaining for that particular competition.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that Online Tipping via this website is only available for the following competitions: AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, Autumn, Winter, Spring & Summer Night Racing.
  • In order to place your tips online you will need to have pre-registered to use this website and confirmed your email address prior to tipping.  You should register prior to the day you will need to use online tipping if going away from your Sportspick venue.

  • REMEMBER!  Sportspick is NOT an Online Tipping Competition 

    You must submit your tips via the Sportspick Terminal in a Registered Venue

    Once you have used up the 3 Rounds of website tips, you cannot submit tips via this website for the remainder of the competition.  

    Please do not contact Sportspick regarding increasing number of online tipping rounds.

    The terms and conditions are fixed as Sportspick is an venue tipping promotion.  No correspondence will be entered into.

    To place AFL Tips click here

    To place NRL Tips click here

    To place Racing Tips click here

    To place Super 15 Tips click here

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